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Preregistration and Squading Will be done online at or practicalpistol at gemcitygunclub dot org 



January 7th



January 21st




February 4th


February 18th

 March 3rd

March 17th

April 7th

May 5th

June 2nd

 July 7th

August 4th

Sept 8th

October 6th

November 3rd

November 16th & 17th  

Toys for Tots Classic


For any more information you can E-Mail  Joe Paradisi at 


practicalpistol at gemcitygunclub dot org 


Phone 814-873-6048

On line squadding is done at -


The Gem City Practical Shooters will hold matches in
January, February and March in the indoor range.
Wintertime squads will go out
at these approximate times on

Saturdays 8:30, 10.00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30 and 4:00

Sundays 8:30, 10.00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30 and 4:00

On line squadding is done at -

Saturday  AM squads starting at 9:00 and  PM Starting around Noon

Sunday  AM Squads starting at 8:30 and  PM squads starting around 11:30 AM

 April thru November there will be a match on
the 1st Sunday . Squads will be formed with a
maximum of 9 shooters per squad. Shooters that wish to shoot more than one
gun must shoot only one gun per squad. This is to get shooters thru more
efficiently with a minimal amount of waiting. .
If you are interested in helping to setup a match or if you would like to
see what practical shooting is all about, give me a call or drop me an
e-mail. I will be setting up on the Saturday before, starting at 7:30 AM.
Anyone that helps with setup may shoot after. I can always use help with
setup and teardown. If you can help with either of these please let me know.
Gem City is affiliated with the United States Practical Shooting
Association. More info on the USPSA can be found at



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